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Practise anywhere

Let your radiotelephony take flight even when you’re stuck on the ground.

With G-UDRT you can practise pilot RT whenever and wherever you have the time.

Learn correct phraseology

From the very basics of RT to long cross country flights through complex airspace. Our 38 learning sessions teach standard VFR phraseology and how to apply it.

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Build confidence

Practise what you’ve learned with 20 dynamically branching flights. Respond to changing weather, traffic, clearances and more. Just like in the real world.

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Benefit from an expert

Content by Helena Hughes. Air Traffic Controller. Trainer, assessor & examiner of other controllers. CPL Holder. Flight instructor. FRTOL and ROCC examiner.

Customise your experience

Tailor G-UDRT to use the aircraft type and call sign you use in the real world. Set your own preferences, activate hands free mode, even edit all the practise flights if you wish.

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So, you’ve read the RT books, listened to the online providers, and gone to ground school, yet you find :

  • The examples given don’t reflect the scenarios you often encounter when flying.
  • You worry about flying further afield, apprehensive about the RT required by other classes of aerodrome and airspace.
  • The words simply don’t flow when you’re in the cockpit and concentrating on the radio diverts your attention from flying the aircraft.
  • Your mouth goes dry as you reach for the transmit button and you fumble and mumble phrases you know due to nerves alone.
  • Your pilot radiotelephony skills are perishable and have decayed after being grounded by bad weather, pandemic or aircraft maintenance.

If any of the above statements are true for you, don’t worry. You’re not alone.

Radiotelephony knowledge and the ability to apply it with confidence is traditionally achieved through repeated exposure to and participation in diverse real-world radio communications.

With G-UDRT in your pocket, you can enjoy your expensive flight time, having mastered radiotelephony from the ground. Our content has been developed by a leading radiotelephony expert, and in consultation with those of us who are still improving. Detailed learning content builds knowledge whilst confidence is achieved by practising using realistically unpredictable and fully vocalised simulated flights.

Benefit from free content

G-UDRT’s first 3 modules are included for free and cover the basics of radiotelephony, an introduction to standard phraseology and the Pilot RT required to operate on the ground at each of the 4 types of UK aerodrome.

Access to the additional modules is available for a one time cost of £18.99. These modules include in-depth learning and practise content covering emergency RT, Circuit RT, Departure and arrival RT,  UK FIS, Transiting controlled airspace, MATZ, Danger areas, TMZs, FMCs, VDF and much more. Use the link below to learn more about the full breadth of our content.

Also remember that the CAA make reference content available on this subject. This includes CAP413 and The Skyway Code.

Breadth and depth of content

G-UDRT includes 58 different sessions, providing many hours of learning and practise content. Much is given for free, whilst the remainder is available for a one-off purchase from your device’s App Store.

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